Studies of Industrial Gravity Measurement Applications

SIGMA is a collaboration between RSK and the University of Birmingham (UoB) to carry out a feasibility study identifying the potential of Quantum Technology (QT) gravity sensors in geophysical surveys for environmental and engineering applications.

These QT sensors currently do not exist but are tantalisingly close. The GG-TOP project at the UoB is developing gravity gradient sensors, with more instrument developments planned as part of the UoB led QT Hub.

For the QT sensors to achieve an accelerated commercialization, it is vital to ensure that they meet user needs. The objectives of this project are

  • Review existing geophysical surveying technologies, and catalogue what they can and cannot detect
  • Develop quantitative tools to simulate the sources of measured gravity signal over unknown and difficult ground commonly experienced by industry today
  • Characterise the sources of noise and unwanted signals in ultra-accurate gravity data, quantify their effect on what is measured, and develop strategies to remove them
  • Determine requirements for inversion models, and
  • Carry out field trials

The project is funded by Innovate UK and EPSRC.

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